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Here at Imperial Carpet we carry name brand quality carpet available for less then box stores like Home Depot and Empire.  Our Carpets are installed on Noise-Stopping Padding with a One-Year service warranty and are available for immediate installation.  Need Carpet, Imperial Carpet.  No Gimmicks just Carpet.

Save the Imperial Way on
Our Commercial Carpet

Commercial Carpet
$14.99 Sq. Yd./$1.66 Sq. Ft. - Installed with Noise Stopping Pad

Ideal for Residential, Commercial and all Religious Establishments.
Low Maintenance and Long Lasting! Store owners and Landlords, alike
can appreciate the value of this affordable quality product
Textura Carpet Textura
Colors: Caviar Dreams, Basket Weave, Lakeshore, Carnival, Burlap, and Ember Glow

$17.99 Sq. Yd./$2.00 Sq. Ft.

A step up commercial carpet that will add a textured look and additionally results in zero soiling and guarantees longevity.
One Year Service Warranty

$19.99 Sq. Yd./$2.11 Sq. Ft. Installed with Noise Stopping Pad

Entry Level Residential Carpet available in many vibrant colors, installed on our noise-stopping padding will make your home feel like home the moment you walk inside.
Soft Touch Carpet
Colors: Butterscotch, Coffee, Taffy, Cinnamon, Inkspot, Black
$23.99 Sq. Yd./$2.66 Sq. Ft. for immediate installation on our noise-stopping pad
One Year Service Warranty

Feel the Luxury of our Thick Plush Soft Touch Carpet available now at affordable price.


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