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Helpful Hints

Making Flooring Purchasing Easier!

Helpful Hints


How to Choose your Carpet

Having Carpet in your Home will reduce noise, glare, and stress.

1. What area are you going to cover? Halls and Stairs get Heavier Traffic and a tight twisted Commercial Carpet is best. Bedrooms on the other hand can use a high quality Soft Touch Carpet.


2. Choose a color, Living Rooms and high traffic areas work best with a medium to dark color while Bedrooms can be any color you like. Remember don't match but blend with the colors in your house for best results.

*All of our Carpet is Installed with out Noise Stopping Padding which not only gives you the softness you require but additional stress relief.

3. We strongly advise against the use of cleaning substances on your Carpet as our modern flooring is made with Stain Resistant Fibers. Most stains can be removed with Water or a Mild Detergent.

4.  When Vacuuming we suggest you keep the setting on medium or high as all of our Carpets are Synthetic and do not retain soil.

5. Enjoy your Carpet and Call us to solve any problem. 

6. Today's Synthetic Carpets require no additional soil protection as it is already part of the yarn.

7. Light Vacuuming is all that's necessary to maintain the quality of your carpet. If stains occur they can be removed with water and if needed a mild detergent.

8. Relate the quality of the Carpet to the room.  More Traffic in Halls and living rooms, Less in Bedrooms.

Why Everlast Vinyl Linoleum is better for you than tile. 

1. 99% Seamless Installation


2. No Spaces for Dirt or Germs


3. No Glue or Wax Used or Needed


4. Low Maintenance, Convenient, and Long Lasting

5. Easily installed, removed, and reinstalled should you decide to move

6. Today's Look in Woods and Patterns at Sale Prices in a selection wide enough to give you the complete freedom to suit your home best

How to Pick you Rug

1. Think of your Area Rug as a picture on the wall. It requires space around it to obtain its optimum beauty.


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